An awkward artist struggles to complete a masterpiece for a mysterious organization.

released 3 June 2019

Antigraviti (2016)

2016 was the year I moved to Atlanta. I met a lot of amazing artists who are just as crazy as I am.

The film, "AntiGraviti", was shot and edited in the summer of 2016, but never came out, until now. Released exactly how it was intended in 2016. This is a time capsule.

It is named after the show of the same name sponsored by WAY-CO founders, Chris Dorner, Esron Lewis, & Maya Seymore.

Everybody showed love and that is why this show high key legendary. This will be really funny in 5 years. Peace.

released 25 December 2018


A short film visually representing me missing my brothers after moving to Atlanta.

released 10 August 2016

the ants died trying to eat

An experimental documentary that follows a group of friends who decide to go on a walk and find a creek.

Life is a series of choices you make. Your choices determine the life you have. Society wants us to believe we do not have many choices and that our hand is forced. It is not. There is nothing stopping you.
— Darius on "the ants died trying to eat"

released 31 July 2015


An assemblage film about artistry and what it means to be an artist. Features the music of singer, Abra, whom the film was inspired by.

released 15 February 2015


An assemblage film chronicling oppression of African-Americans throughout history