Episode 1 - “HELLO, GOODBYE"

Underground rappers takeover Edgewood Pizza with a free show.

released 8 March 2017

Episode 2 - "Bigger Pond"

Surfwav.eatn performs at a new venue with higher stakes.

released 22 March 2017

Episode 3 - "Scenes"

Exploring different scenes with various aesthetics and sounds.

released 29 March 2017

Special I - "Christ's Detour In Atlanta"

Slug Christ returns to Atlanta for his first headlining tour.

released 19 April 2017

Visual I - "3K Basquiat"

Surfwav.eatn makes a music video.

released 15 March 2017

Visual II - "Hollow"

Surfwav.eatn isn't having the best Halloween.

released 4 April 2017

Visual III - "OT"

A night off.

released 26 April 2017

Episode 4 - "UNION EAV"

Mz. Daisy switches her sound up for at set at Union.

released 12 April 2017

Episode 5 - "Back In The Whop"

I go back home to Maryland and everyone is more fire than when I left.

released 3 May 2017

Episode 6 - "Millenials"

We are the artists in a new age. We have our own scene and its growing. Don't quit on me.

released 10 May 2017