season 2

Episode 7  "Collect"

a few omens and a StreetExecs show.

released 27 Sept 2017

Episode 9


Episode 8  "Worst"

slug x 666 x tiva x fauni & slug's loafers

released 4 Oct 2017

Episode 10  "WifeWrist"

Perry shows up shinin, Rarri rips it, Nudy nearly starts a riot, and Lil Wopster pulls up with Maxo and lets loose for a bunch of lil whores.

"I feel like i am the shit." - Lil Wop

released 1 Nov 2017

Skinny Mane can't wife the XXXXX so he wife'd his wrist instead.

released 8 Nov 2017

Episode 11  

"Blue Hundreds"

E Chapo don't fuck with 12, Panama Jane too hot for TV, CHANDLERralphiii is up late, and Beres Ford thought he told y'all he was a star.

released 15 Nov 2017

Episode 12 

"Dirt Road"

Goth Money Records link with Slug Christ in Atlanta during their Dirt Road Boiz tour.

released 22 Nov 2017



Visual IV  


Cherish the moments when you don't know where your phone is and you don't care.

released 29 November 2017

Episode 13 


“Episode” 13 was uploaded and reported because part of the episode represented a the ending of a friendship. The “friend” apparently did not like the depiction.



More omens.

released 6 Dec 2017

Special II - "Key!"

Key is my favorite rapper. This shit is crazy. Season finale shit.